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Synergy Digital designs and delivers creative digital marketing campaigns that compel your customers to call, click and convert. From Search to Social, Desktop to Mobile, Synergy Digital offers marketing solutions for your business that are measurable and memorable.


  • PPC/SEM Management

    We don’t just drive traffic, instead we drive the right traffic.

  • Social Media

    Promote your business to your audience and rise above the noise.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    A holistic approach to measurable organic results for your website

  • Marketing Automation

    Execute campaigns with precision and persuasion.

  • Mobile App

    If mobile is the future of marketing then the future has arrived.

  • Web Design

    It starts with a website created by professionals

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Software 4 Schools

Software 4 Schools is a software company that helps schools and teachers. Their company growth had reach a stagnant point after 10 years. Through marketing automation, managing their social media, oraganic SEO and carefully targeted PPC campaigns, we were able to increase their brand awareness by over 400% and increase their clients by 30% in 3 months. We continue to optimize their campaigns.

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Legendary Zov’s Bistro and Bakery in CA, they have become a culinary institution serving unique cuisine with Eastern Mediterranean influences. Successfully expanding into 4 locations, they wanted to get folks on those dining seats. SDR completely redesigned their website and managed their customer e-mail campaigns. By enhancing their catering option on their website along with powerful email marketing, we were able to increase their online orders and dine in traffic.

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Adop Help

Synergy Direct Response

Synergy Direct Response is a nationwide leader in the direct mail industry. Being around for over a decade,they understood that marketing trends are moving towards digital and video content. By identifying additional revenue streams and through a well-thought out partnership, we were able to provide current clients with digital marketing services, which immediately increased their revenue.

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Pacific Home Loans is an A + rated direct lender. Through integration of our targeted direct-mail and inbound digital marketing services, we were able to expand their office staff by 200%, expand their market reach successfully enough that they opened an office in Hawaii. We continue to manage ALL their marketing efforts and we are in the process of redesigning their website.

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Travel of America

We have been using Synergy for over 5 years and they are friendly, professional and understand our needs. They have done many different printing projects for us and we are always very satisfied with the quality of their work. We are pleased to recommend Synergy to others.

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CIRRUS Consulting Group

As a team, they are dependable, deliver timely service, fair pricing, professionalism, support, and advice on a strategic and creative level. We are very happy with their services and hope to continue to be a customer for many years.

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